Jansen Family at Vallei Boert Bewust


The piggery project "Vallei Boert Bewust" ("Valley Farms Responsibly"; VBB) was founded in the Gelderland Valley. As part of the "Vallei Boert Bewust" project, farmers in various sectors actively seek out contact with the public. There are various ways to do this, for example through open days, social media, welcoming groups or a farm shop. In this way, the VBB participants aim to involve the public in the company and show them how they as entrepreneurs take account of various issues that contribute to sustainability and transparency in the agricultural sector. 

Interview with Henk Jansen
Henk and Willy Jansen of Otterlo are Peter's Farm veal farmers and have been official participants of Vallei Boert Bewust for several weeks. The main condition for farmers to participate is interaction with people in the Valley. The VBB farmers are required to score well on at least four of the following themes: environment, fertiliser, energy, welfare, animal health, society, and picture quality. 

Why did you join Vallei Boert Bewust?
"I want to tell the public what it is I do. By showing our company, we give the public a much clearer picture of the reality, which is that we treat our calves in an animal friendly way. It's no coincidence that we were awarded the Beter Leven seal of approval from the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals." How does the Peter's Farm concept dovetail with Vallei Boert Bewust? "The objective of Vallei Boert Bewust goes hand in hand with the objective of Peter's Farm. Transparency is a common factor. The public/consumers are becoming increasingly critical. Peter's Farm organises open days and has hung a webcam in the stall. All packaging includes a farm code that allows consumers to trace Peter's Farm Veal from farm to shop..." 

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